Career Opportunities

Come work at the highest quality residential cleaning firm in the state. We pride ourselves on high quality work being performed by highly trained professionals. Our rapid growth has created several openings in the Cedar Rapids area, Iowa City area, and the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area. All positions require a background check and are subject to random drug testing. All employees are also required to own a smart phone. Communication with employees throughout the day is made via both text and voice. Furthermore, all employees are required to utilize apps used by the firm during the day to day operation of the business.

All of our positions include the following:

  • Paid time off
  • No nights and no weekends
  • Best pay for the use of vehicles in the industry
  • Paid professional training
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Normally off by 3:30 to spend time with your family
  • Start time is typically 7:15AM but can vary
  • Part of the best home cleaning firm in the state
  • Work for the best owners around

If there are highly qualified out of state candidates who wish to move to Cedar Rapids for any of these positions, some transition help is available. why would a firm offer something like this for entry level positions? We try to be selective and hire superior employees for our firm.

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Assistant Manager


Most of our management is promoted from within, but our growth has created the need for an outside hire. Looking for an energetic, well organized, detail oriented person with an optimistic and upbeat attitude to assist our current manager. It is anticipated that this person will take over either specific managerial tasks and/or a particular geographic area. This is not an office job and will still include some cleaning of homes as needed.

Job duties include:

  • Scheduling
  • Personnel management
  • Client management
  • Job bidding
  • Employee recruitment and retention
  • Soft sales
  • Training
  • Quality control

To be successful in this position, the right candidate must have either extensive experience in cleaning (preferably residential cleaning) and/or direct management experience. This is a high energy position and can be stressful at times. A drivers license and background check is required. Your personal vehicle will be used on the job and an outstanding per diem will be paid for the use of that vehicle.

Salary is dependent upon experience, but will exceed $30k per year and include a bonus.


Team Member

This is the entry level position for our firm. No experience is required. You will be trained to be a professional house cleaner. Advancement from this position would usually be a promotion to team lead.

Job duties include:

  • cleaning 2 to 5 houses per day
  • Work with and follow instructions of the team lead (homes usually cleaned by teams of two)
  • maintain good relationship with the clients
  • Provide superior quality work
  • Have excellent attendance
  • Have an optimistic and upbeat attitude

The best candidates for this position will have a stable work history and some experience in the consumer service industry such as restaurant work, convenience stores, day care or other service oriented positions. While a great work history is a plus, no experience is actually required.

Starting pay is at $9.00 to $10.00 per hour with an additional $20 to $40 per week bonus based upon easily attained goals. With bonuses, this would equal $9.50 to $11.00 per hour to start. In addition, certain locations may have higher wage scales than listed here.


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Team Lead

Team leads are almost always promoted from within. However, on rare occasions, we may hire a team lead from outside the firm if the candidate is very qualified and we have an immediate need. Team Leads are the core of our firm. They are held 100% responsible for the homes assigned to them and will be held accountable for all aspects of the service provided to that home. They are also the primary contact that the homeowner has with our firm on a normal basis, so the team lead is responsible for establishing and building a great positive working relationship with the client.

Job responsibilities include

  • Cleaning 2 to 5 houses per day maintaining a very high level of quality
  • Manage 1 or more team members who will be working with you
  • Check each home after it is cleaned to insure that everything has been completed to our high quality standards
  • Develop and maintain a strong working relationship with the client to ensure that their desires and needs are satisfied
  • Drive their personal vehicle to the houses being cleaned (compensation for vehicle provided)
  • Have outstanding attendance
  • Have an optimistic and upbeat attitude

The best candidates for this position are usually promoted from within. That can occur in as little as three months if the candidate is deemed ready for the promotion and the need for a new team lead is determined. In the rare instances that an outside hire is considered for an immediate team lead position, extensive cleaning experience and/or management experience in a customer service oriented industry would be required. A driver’s license and working vehicle are also typically required. Obviously, being a team lead in another cleaning organization would be ideal, but may still start as a team member in order to learn our quality standards and procedures.

Starting pay is $10.00 to $11.000 per hour with an additional $20 to $40 per week bonus based upon easily attained goals. With bonuses, this would equal $10.50 to $12.00 per hour to start. In addition, team leader are usually paid an additional daily stipend for the use of their personal vehicle which is very generous and effectively boosts their base pay. Certain locations may have higher wage scales than those listed here.